For Businesses

Loyalty rewards system that works.

What is Swellcoin?

Swellcoin combines the benefits of a shop local initiative and business cashback credit program into one easy app, to retain and growing spending at small and local businesses like yours.

Sign up and launch your cashback loyalty program in minutes. Based on your configurable reward rate, your customers return again and again to earn or spend cashback credit at your business. Likewise, your business can earn cashback credit from your vendors to offset expenses.

Loyalty that is easier and more affordable.

Loyalty should be easy for you, your customers, and your vendors. Well now it is! And it won't break the bank. With our low fees, and the ability to reduce costs with your vendors, this program nearly pays for itself.

Local loyalty never paid so swell.

Buy Local programs help foster more spending at small and local businesses like yours. So Swellcoin works with Cities, Counties and States to connect your loyalty program to a community Buy-Local initiative that is "super charged" by your cashback incentives. This helps make it literally PAY to Shop Small / Buy Local at businesses like yours - whether from consumers, other businesses, or even the public sector. Let's all get local!

Reward your business.

Why not get rewarded by your vendors. And as you know, it is just as important to reduce cost with vendors, as increase sales with customers. Swellcoin helps you do both!

How It Works Step by Step.

  1. Join and set up a personal account.
  2. Click 'Add Your Business' on your Settings page.
  3. Set your Reward Rate (a percent of each sale to accrue as a cashback credit) and add your Merchant ID (how you show on a customer's bank statement).
  4. Digital collateral supplied immediately. Printed collateral arrives in 3-5 days.
  5. Invite your customers to join you on Swellcoin: in-store, email and otherwise.
  6. After many purchases, happy customers return with their redemption code.
  7. Bookmark/click your unique redemption URL (mobile app coming soon).
  8. Enter your customer's redemption code (or use the QR code) and your pin number. Then, enter the amount to redeem. Reduce latest purchase price accordingly.