What is Swellcoin?

Swellcoin is a bank level secure web/mobile technology that combines a shop local initiative and business cashback rewards to make it PAY to shop your community, keeping more money and jobs at home.

A buy local initiative for your city, county, state, chamber, or association.

Let's face it, community businesses are losing local spending at a record pace as online giants draw spending away. And as local spending evaporates, so do the jobs and money our community's depend upon. We have the tools, data, and connectivity to help your City, County or State galvanize local spirit towards more local business spending.

Swellcoin provides a bank-level-secure technology to supercharge your Buy Local initiative for your community. Heighten enthusiasm for local spending at area businesses, and keep more economic activity, jobs and sales tax dollars in your community.

Buying Local - Super Charged

Businesses in your area can help "super charge" a community's buy local campaign even further by adding their own cashback incentives - simply by setting a reward rate (%). This allows any area business the option to direct EVEN MORE local spending specifically to THEIR business through a cashback incentive.

Save Taxpayer Money

With Swellcoin, even the Public Sector can earn cashback when purchasing from participating vendors for governmental expenditures. Just link your cards, accounts, or P-Cards on Swellcoin, connect with your vendors (local or otherwise), and start earning cashback incentives that reduce costs and saves your taxpayers real money.

Contact us now to grow your local economy and start saving big!