For Customers

What is Swellcoin?

Swellcoin is a community loyalty program where YOU earn cashback with every swipe at participating businesses. Now you can support the local businesses you love, while keeping some jingle in your own pocket, too!

How does it work

Simply sign up on the Swellcoin app and link your spending cards. With every swipe at a member business, you automatically earn digital cashback to save/spend on a future purchase with the issuer.

How much will you earn?

Each member business sets their own reward rate, generally ranging from 1% to 20%. Rate x Amount Spent = Cashback You Earn.

How do I track my earnings?

Our dashboard makes it easy to keep tabs on all your earned cashback, both web and mobile. Transactions will generally appear within 24 hours of being posted by your bank or card provider.

How do I spend my cashback?

When you're ready to cash in your earnings, log in to your Swellcoin account and click on the amount you have earned at that business. The business will enter their unique PIN code and select an amount to redeem. That amount will be deducted from your total at the register. Swell Yeah!