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How It Works

Customers: Link your spending cards and earn cashback at participating community businesses.

Businesses: Supercharge Shop Tally by adding cashback rewards to attract more local customers to YOUR business.

Community: Become a Sponsor and help grow the Shop Tally spirit. Let's keep more spending and jobs here!

Are you...

A Customer

Looking to earn cashback for spending at participating community businesses?

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A Business

Looking to keep more community spending at YOUR business using cashback rewards?

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A Municipality

Looking to become a Sponsor or start a Shop Your Community initiative?

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Shopping Your Community...

It pays to Shop Tally


Our mission is to make small and local business rewards easy and available to everyone - saving customers money, increasing small/local business profits, and strengthening communities. Now That's Swell.


We're your resident neighborhood Swell Squad - a talented group of dreamers and doers committed to making everyday people, businesses and communities thrive. We'd love for YOU to be a part of it.