Our Financial Security Partners, Finicity / Experian

Swellcoin believes critical financial and account data must remain within the protective walls of the banking and financial industry security experts at all times. As such, we utilize Finicity / Experian, the top industry leaders in financial services for banks and credit card companies nationwide, for our card linking processes and to supply transaction data. Using the same level of security as your bank, Finicity performs all the heavy lifting linking your cards, providing to Swellcoin a limited, read-only / digital snapshot of your spending data (post date, merchant ID and amount spent) from which we calculate your cash-back rewards with member businesses. At no time will Swellcoin ever have access to your credentials, cards, or accounts in any manner whatsoever.

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Your Data and Account Access

Swellcoin displays your transactions and earned / spent cashback with member businesses in secure user accounts, accessible by you via your password. All passwords are further encrypted by hashing algorithms. The only person who knows the password you choose is you. This means that even we can't see your password, nor will we ever ask you to provide it. Our day-to-day operations do not require staff to access or interact with your customer data. For this reason, the number of Swellcoin staff that can access your financial data is zero. For your privacy, once your cashback is calculated, all personally identifying information is removed from the data, other than what is stored in your user account(s). In the event that you have any questions regarding past transactions and related cashback history, the information must be requested again from the secure servers at Finicity. Such can only be performed by our managerial personnel with strictly guarded authorization, and only for the time period in question. Such retrieval will follow all the same bank level secure protocols.

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Secure Connection

We utilize an EV SSL (Extended Validation Secure Socket Layer) certificate. This is industry best practices standard level of encryption. This means that when you connect to Swellcoin through a computer or mobile device, that connection is encrypted.

Our Commitment

The Jedi Order and the Justice League have nothing on us when it comes to protecting your data. Our Master Engineers have utilized industry best practices to make Swellcoin secure. From an encrypted connection at login to hashing algorithms, along with partnerships with industry experts like Finicity and Experian, we have created multiple layers of the highest degree of security to guard your information at every level.

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